Need help with cyber?

Discreet Cyber Security Services for SME Businesses within East Anglia

Why use us?


Reason one

We’re professionally accredited, highly trained, qualified, experienced and hold “good standing” in our specialist fields – including the new GDPR (effective May 2018)

Reason two

We’re “cost effective” and in East Anglia, we don’t have huge offices or expensive habits to support; we work alongside you and your IT providers

Reason three

Initial visit is normally without a charge. We work until the job is complete – no additional costs or charges; what you’ve been quoted is what you pay

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason four

We’re passionate about security and all have a background in working in those environments; security is an extension of how we have been working for the last fifteen years

We Are

…… serious about security


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