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New data protection laws come into effect on May 25th 2017 – the General Data Protection Regulations aim to improve a user’s privacy of data; take simple steps to ensure you’re compliant

Compliance Scanning

You may be required to conform to regulatory compliance markers. Having a full compliance scan run against the regulatory requirements will ensure to comply with those requirements

PEN testing

With written permission we will mount simulated hacking attacks against a specified part of your IT systems to see how robust the defences are; no damage will be caused and full report will be issued

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication – a single user id and a password are no longer secure enough to prove a persons identity – use multi-factors.

Wi-Fi & VPNs

Always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when using unknown or “free” Wi-Fi connectivity as data is normally sent in “clear text” and is easily readable, stealable and interuptable

End Point Security

The perimeter of your IT system has now expanded to include every single mobile device – all of which need to be protected as they are the gateways to your system

GDPR Scanning

Before GDPR can be implemented successfully within the business, you need to find all of the personally identifiable information – we can scan, report, move and protect the data

System Scanning

Unsure if your systems are robust and secure? Get a vulnerability scan run; it will give you a snap shot of the status of your systems regarding vulnerabilities – no errors, no charge

Cyber Essentials

Prove to your supply chain that your business takes cyber security seriously – by ensuring you pass a basic “Cyber Essentials” or a more complex “Cyber Essentials Plus” accreditation – required for UK Gov tender.


Ensure that all mobile devices have had “full hard disk encryption” installed – don’t use a “free” version, always pay for a CESG approved product that fits with the data protection level needed

Staff Training

Your best assets are your staff, they are also one of the weakest links in the defence chain – help them by training them in cyber security awareness and social engineering attacks

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices and mobile working are both difficult to secure – the security boundaries are ever changing – the mobile end point devices must be secured