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Send them to Jail

Forgive me as I'm typing this with my tongue in my cheek ...... Apparently, some unknown hackers managed to exploit a "security flaw" on the Equifax systems and gained unauthorised access to certain files between mid-May and July 2017. SHOCKINGLY - the "security...

WannaCrypt – Latest – Monday 15th May

WannaCrypt Update: Everyone will probably have heard about the recent Ransomware attacks on Friday and over the weekend which have largely affected the NHS in the UK (Although 300,000 infections in over 150 countries have been reported).  Those at exceptional risk are...

Time to Change the Laws?

Time to Change the Law on Data Responsibility? Is it time to change the laws relating to the responsibility of holding personal data?   ...... "script kiddies" (those who hack from their bedrooms at night through sheer boredom) should not take the full...

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