Crypto-locker attack against Parliament systems

Hackers broke into part of Parliament’s Computer Network, hijacked computers holding sensitive information and presented a ransom demand to an MP, The Times has reavealed.

The hackers compromised several computer systems that held confidential documents relating to parliamentary work by Chi Onwurah, the shadow digital minister, and files containing information about her employees; it’s the first report of a successful hack against the parliamentary network and comes amid fears that hackers are winning a cyber-arms race against companies and public bodies.

The attack (May 2015) used a “crypto-locker” virus to commandeer files that were stored on a shared parliamentary drive, and on hard disks inside Ms Onwurah’s constituency and parliamentary computers. The virus locked several files and left a notice on them instructing their owner to call a telephone number and pay a ransom to unlock them.

Article accredited to The Times – Link to full Times article