Windows 10 Security Issues


Don’t rush to upgrade for a while – wait for it to settle down – AND – there are some security and privacy issues you need to be aware of

Don’t Rush to Upgrade

The FREE upgrade for existing Windows users from Microsoft is available for a whole year; I’d suggest you postpone upgrading your users wholesale until a great deal of testing has been done – from a historic point, there will be “urgent patches” or a “service pack” released soon after the launch.

Open Wi-Fi Sense

Some new features like the “Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO)” which works like torrents do, and makes your Windows 10 machine part of a peer-to-peer network delivering Win10 to other users using your bandwidth, and the new “Wi-Fi Sense” which makes Wi-Fi more available and accessible – for better or for worse.

This brilliant new feature, which Microsoft has dubbed “Wi-Fi Sense”, doesn’t share your WiFi network password per se — it shares an encrypted version of that password. But it allows anyone in your Skype or Outlook or Hotmail contact lists to jump onto your office or home Wi-Fi network — should they ever wander within range of it or visit your home (or hop onto it secretly from hundreds of yards away.

In theory, someone who wanted access to your company network could befriend an employee or two, and drive into your office parking lot to be in range, and then gain access to your wireless network.

See Brian Krebs’ post (below) about it:

Windows 10 – Intrusive Software

Also, apart from being a “security upgrade”, Win10 also grabs all information it can get its hands on, this version is incredibly intrusive by default.

Just open Settings and click on Privacy. There, you’ll find 13 different screens to go through – you’ll want to disable everything that seems worrying, and definitely adjust what types of data each app on that box can access.

Articles accredited to Stu Sjouwermanand and Brian Krebs